South Shore Children’s Chorus on AM Quincy

Kirsten Oberoi, Founding Artistic Director of the South Shore Children’s Chorus describes the history of the group and how they are responding to the pandemic.   Brought to you by Quincy […]

Virtual Band 2 – Farewell The original choral version of this piece was composed in 2013 for the Rockland High School Chamber Choir. It is based on a Kundalini Blessing that reads as follows: […]

PCN’s The Local Seen – Massachusetts Cranberries

The Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association (CCCGA) announced its insignia logo that will distinguish Massachusetts cranberry products. The logo is intended to increase awareness of fruit grown within the state […]

This is Who We Are: A Cranberry Grower

PACTV’s The Local Seen – interviewing cranberry farmer Dawn Gates Allen for insight into the cranberry growing industry and lifestyle. Cranberries are the leading agricultural product of Massachusetts, and the […]