South Shore Children’s Chorus Announces Partnership with Bridgewater State University

Advanced Choir 1
Advanced Choir 1
Students performing in South Shore Children’s Chorus’s Advanced Choir ensemble, courtesy image

Fourth children’s chorus location enhances BSU music students’ education on campus – South Shore Children’s Chorus (SSCC), the region’s premiere training program for all young singers, announces a new partnership with the Music Department at Bridgewater State University (BSU) starting in September.  The collaboration grows SSCC’s current programs to a fourth campus, and in tandem, creates opportunities for BSU music department students to engage in on-campus internship opportunities alongside SSCC’s staff and students.

“The missions of Bridgewater State University and South Shore Children’s Chorus are aligned in the idea that we are able to welcome dedicated students to our programs with vast musical and academic potential who might not have otherwise had the privilege of private musical instruction or attending a school with a strong music program.  We are able to meet all students where they are, and help them grow to become amazing musicians and teachers. This partnership is all about providing an opportunity for all of our collective students to grow,” shares BSU Professor of Music and Graduate Coordinator Dr. Sarah McQuarrie, a pivotal leader in the partnership’s formation.

The new SSCC/BSU partnership, in development for more than a year, provides programming for SSCC’s Intermediate and Advanced Choir levels (for grades 3-12) on campus at Bridgewater State University on Thursday evenings beginning in September. BSU music education students have the opportunity to observe and collaborate as interns with SSCC tenured staff educators. BSU’s students will also experience opportunities to engage directly with SSCC student singers, giving them invaluable teaching experience conveniently right on campus. 

SSCC’s Intermediate Choir (grades 3-6) is a joyful learning environment where students learn to develop self-confidence through the medium of vocal music, learn musicianship skills, begin singing in two or three parts and solidify healthy vocal technique. Intermediate Choir choristers appreciate the warm and loving community cultivated in choir participation, grow as independent singers confident in the sound of their own voice, and learn to follow music well. SSCC’s Advanced Choir (grades 7-12) allows students to engage in an honest and accepting community of passionate singers, develop sight-singing skills, sing challenging and unique repertoire and study vocal technique through performance and rehearsal of a variety of musical genres. Choristers graduate from the Advanced Choir as kinder humans and inspired choral leaders.

SSCC singers preparing for a performance, courtesy image

Historically, a number of SSCC students have previously gone on to pursue higher education in BSU’s programs, essentially positioning SSCC as a feeder program for college-level music education. “Partnering with Dr. McQuarrie and BSU’s Music Education Program allows South Shore Children’s Chorus to connect further with the community. The missions of both programs align perfectly, to give students inspiring musical experiences that influence them to continue to be life-long music makers,” shares SSCC Founding Artistic Director Kirsten Oberoi.  “We hope that as this partnership continues, it will result in more inspired young educators serving in public school music programs in the South Shore region.” Established in 2016, South Shore Children’s Chorus strives to connect young singers, foster musicianship and cultivate empathy among its students in an accepting, accessible environment, no matter each child’s skill or challenges.  The non-profit organization is rooted deeply in providing hope, joy and community to its singers.  Oberoi believes that the partnership will allow SSCC’s objectives to expand and impact musicians in all of the region’s communities.

South Shore Children’s Chorus’s mission is to provide joyful music education and vocal training to students in South Shore communities and beyond. SSCC reveres the development and well-being of its students as a top priority, aiming to create a safe space and loving community for choristers to learn, grow and to find their own voice.  SSCC is a passionate advocate for access for all chorister students, regardless of financial circumstance or prior musical experience.  Need-based tuition assistance is available by application. 

Students performing in South Shore Children’s Chorus’s Advanced Choir ensemble, courtesy image

South Shore Children’s Chorus offers choral programs for student singers in grades pre-K through 12, engaged in SSCC’s three age-leveled ensembles – Training Choir (grades K-2), Intermediate Choir (grades 3-6) or Advanced Choir (grades 7-12).  School-year programs are currently offered at its flagship campus in Quincy, and community campuses in Hanover and Sharon. The organization also offers an annual summer program, this season offered at Massasoit State College in collaboration with Massasoit Theatre Company.  Joyful, positive encouragement and an uplifting environment inspire SSCC choristers to learn and embrace confidence through their own voice.

Families interested in learning more about South Shore Children’s Chorus’s programs at Bridgewater State University this fall, or at any of its campuses, can submit their interest and get more information at  Registration is anticipated to open on or about June 15.  Families that submit their information via the interest form will be notified of the official opening registration date.

The Department of Music at Bridgewater State University provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of classical music traditions – along with courses in jazz, other popular genres and West African drumming – all in the context of a liberal arts education relevant to a wide variety of careers. Students have the opportunity to study under accomplished professionals who perform regularly with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Pops, Fenway Brass Quartet and other world-class ensembles. In addition to the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, the department offers concentrations in Music Education, Jazz Studies and Classical Performance, a Master of Arts in Teaching (Music), a music minor and courses that satisfy the university’s core curriculum requirements. Instrumental and vocal ensembles – as well as private instruction in piano, guitar, voice, and orchestral and band instruments – are open to all students.

For South Shore Children’s Chorus program, tuition and registration information for summer or school-year programs, visit, email Managing Director Michelle McGrath at, or follow South Shore Children’s Chorus on Facebook and Instagram.  For more information about Bridgewater State University’s Department of Music, visit

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